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Congratulations on your daughter's upcoming Quinceañera!

For a young woman, the moment when she turns fifteen years of age is a longed and awaited moment.


It is an occasion that fills them with hope and high expectations as it represents a turning point in their lives, the beginning of a new stage, and of course they want to share this special moment with all her friends and family.


For this reason, your daughter expects a lot from you on that special day. One of the most important details of this occasion is her ceremony, where one can take the opportunity to give thanks for this blessed moment in her life and to welcome her into adulthood while presenting her as an adult member of the community, fully ready to take on her share of responsibilities. 

I will work with you and follow your wishes on how you would like to present your daughter on her special day! 

We can meet in person to discuss the details and together plan the ceremony. It will be an honor and privilege to be a part of this very important event!

(Fr Mike is located in South Central Texas)

Private user said...

"I can't thank Father Mike enough.  He did a wonderful job and the blessing with my husband's kids and my siblings was so touching. I don't know how I didn"t lose it. Thank you Father Mike for including "Catholic" words for us. We are both truly appreciative of you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!"

Marissa said... 
"Wow, where do I start?! Father Mike gave a blessing at our daughter's quinceanera. I cannot begin to tell you how emotional he had us all. The way he spoke & included all the guests was amazing. He spoke to us about the tradition of the quince anos & about the significance of my daughter's rite of passage. We were all touched. I type this and am getting emotional thinking about the prayers said and how they affected us all. We are grateful for you, Father Mike. Thank you for blessing us all."
Quinceanera Blessing Slide Show

Quinceanera Blessing

Fr Mike performing a Quinceanera Blessing in Castroville, Texas

Prayer of Dedication from the Quinceañera

Private user said...
"Father Mike was amazing! He made sure our ceremony was exactly as we wanted. He was very kind, attentive, punctual, quick (like we wanted) and had a great sense of humor."

James said...

"Father Michael was a consummate professional and he made us feel like family. He made it very special. 

Thank you."

"Fr. Mike helped us tremendously with our Quinceañera celebration! He provided us with guidance and suggestions to have a smooth and fluid ceremony as well as adhering to our customs. We strongly recommend him!!" 
Toni & Jesus
Private User said... 
"Thank you for being a part of our special day and making our day extra special...We appreciate it a lot :)"
Holy Communion is always available on request for                          Quinceaneras Ceremonies
Quinceanera blessing is giving to all the Family
Blessings from the Parents, Grandparents and Godparents
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