Memorial Service for your               Loved Ones

I will bring everything for the service  either at the Funeral Home or at a location you choose and offer a very meaningful and prayerful service for your loved one who has passed on.

Prayer Requests:


Text me (210-452-7627) your personal prayer intentions for you and your loved ones.  They will be remembered in my daily prayers. 

I will personally respond to every text received!

I have you and your families in my prayers always.
Your prayers are my prayers.

Fr Mike

                  Private Catholic Baptism
                   Based in San Antonio, Texas
   Private Baptism According to the                     Roman Catholic Rite
      by Fr Mike, a Catholic Priest!
Go to my Sacrament of Baptism Page for           more information and details.
      Call or Text me at anytime to set up a date and time for the Baptism. I will go anywhere within the San Antonio and close by  areas in Texas
I pray that the peace of God will be with you as you explore this site.  
Many who come here are searching for a Catholic Priest or a Christian Minister who is compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental, charitable, and most important of all willing to assist them in their need.
My years of experience in the Institutional Church of Rome has too often revealed occasions where good people in difficult situations were turned away by the Priest. I have seen these persons pushed away from the Church, from God, and from any sense of community, true peace, and happiness.
I am a Catholic Priest who understands what you may have experienced, and I am excited and eager to assist you with your pastoral and sacramental needs.  
All Catholics who approach a Catholic priest for any sacrament, or help of any kind should be welcomed and listened to with kindness.


  • Countless weddings since my ordination on May of 1977

  • 15 years as an active Missionary Catholic priest

  • 29 years as an Independent Married Catholic priest 

  • Licensed in every state to officially legalize weddings

  • Blessed with being on multiple
    vendor lists (unsolicited) 

  • Also Non Denominational or Civil Ceremonies


If you do not feel that you are being welcomed or treated kindly by your local priest or parish, I assure you that I will treat you with kindness and acceptance – nonjudgmental.

Fr Mike
           Formal Home Blessing by a Catholic Priest!
("Peace be with this house and with all who live here. Blessed be the name of the Lord.")
If you are moving into a new or existing home and/or are experiencing any issues or harmful forces, it is highly recommended that you have your home formally blest by an ordained minister or Catholic priest.
A formal blessing of the home is reserved by the ordained ministry especially in confronting issues that are beyond your control.
                 Call or Text Fr Mike at anytime (210-452-7627) based in San Antonio, Texas

As a Catholic priest, I will bless each room with Holy Water and bestow special prayers of the Church asking that the peace of Christ rule in your hearts and homes.    I will accommodate your schedules!
                                        Donations are accepted but not required. 

                                   Text or call me at:


     Leave a message if not immediately available, will get back to you ASAP!

I will personally respond to every text received!

    Email  me your message or concern:


Thanks! Message sent.

Fr Mike is an award winning Licensed WeddingOfficiant

Fr Mike is recognized in the top 5% of wedding professionals nationwide!

The Couples' Choice award honors the exemplary work Fr Mike has accomplished and the highly regarded reputation

he has established

with all of his clients:

Quality of Service










Fr Mike is proud to have won numerous honors, accolades and awards.  The many awards are due to his year after year outstanding reviews and service!!   See what his former clients are saying on his Testimonials and Photo page and Thumbtack and Wedding Wire pages. (Over 300 + verified reviews)

Plus  read Fr Mike's most recent reviews below:












"Father Mike is the wonderful person behind A Wedding Priest on Call. He’s well-known in the area for his professionalism, friendly nature, and beautiful ceremonies.

Father Mike has performed countless weddings since his ordination in 1977. He describes himself as non-judgmental, professional, flexible, and responsive.

Father Mike offers many samples for readings and rituals and will help you choose the best options for your personalized service.

Prices for your ceremony are based on an Honorarium fee.

Father Mike will never turn you away if you’re unable to afford it"



Read what they  say about

Father Mike: 


{To better know Fr Mike and to understand his services, read below what impact he has had on those who have benefited from his services, and who have been touched in so many ways}


Meghan and Christoper  said...


A Beautiful Catholic Wedding!

Thank you Father Mike. It means so much to both of us that you were there to help us commit ourselves to each other. 


Roman Catholic Wedding

Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Kimberly and Carlos said...


A Beautiful Catholic Wedding!

Good Morning Father Mike.


Thank you so much for the beautiful catholic wedding ceremony for us! You did a wonderful job!!


We thank you for your prayers throughout the wedding ceremony and your continued prayers for blessings on our union.


May God bless you always! 


Roman Catholic Wedding

Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Emily and Tyler said...


Everything We Imagined and More!

Fr. Mike was absolutely AMAZING through the whole wedding planning process. We decided to get married within a month after putting our wedding on hold in a different state.


Fr. Mike was very responsive, assisted us in picking readings, and making sure everything was running smoothly. He traveled all the way out to canyon lake to be there by 6pm - ceremony start time. The ceremony had to be delayed due to some other vendors, and he was very patient and understanding with what was going on.


If you are looking to book a catholic priest for your ceremony, Fr. Mike would be the person you want! I was hesitant at first, but after the experience we had I would reccommend him to anyone and everyone!



Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Samantha said...


        Roman Catholic Baptism

Fr Mike,

We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our family.

We recently lost my beloved mother in-law and Samuel’s welcoming ceremony to the Lord was the first of many special milestones to come without her. 

You have truly left an imprint in our hearts.

Our family and friends have personally reached out to us expressing how moved they were during the ceremony.
We are grateful for all prayers especially for our son, Samuel. We will definitely continue to pray for you.

Again, we thank you  many blessings always.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Roman Catholic Baptism

Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Wendee and Justin said...


           A True Blessing!!

Father Mike was a true blessing to my now-husband and I. As a couple who lives 400 miles away, Father Mike was more than accommodating when it came to communication via FaceTime, phone call, or e-mail. He was diligent about making certain that everything we wanted included in our ceremony was not only included, but was personalized for a couple of different religious beliefs. Adding the lasso to our ceremony was extra special to us. Father Mike was a true blessing to us on our special day.


Thank you for conducting our ceremony and joining Justin & I as we completed the blessed sacrament of matrimony. It was a wonderful day & we’re so glad you were able to safely join us after the rain storm you drove through.


Thank you so much, Father Mike! You & yours are in our prayers as well. We cannot thank you enough for being there for us yesterday. The ceremony was beautiful. We’re very happy and very blessed. Thank you! ❤️❤️


Site:  Stonewall,  Texas


Teresa and Eduardo  said...


        Catholic Vow Renewal

    50th Wedding Anniversary

Father Mike was absolutely great! 


He worked with me diligently before the ceremony to make sure everything was perfect. He made the ceremony feel special and unique to the family and all who attended. Highly recommended!

Thank you so much Father. Everyone loved the ceremony so much. It was an absolute privilege that you could join us and be part of the celebration. I will pray for your special intentions and will pass along your request to the family.❤️❤️

50th  Wedding Anniversary

Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Cristina and Trevor said...


           Perfect and Special!

Father Mike was so sweet and communicative. Since the first time we spoke to him my husband and I knew he was the perfect priest to officiate our wedding.


He always reassured us with his kind words before our wedding and even after our wedding. Our ceremony was perfect and special, we would definitely recommend him to anyone!


Thank you for your time Fr Mike.

Blessings from the Pichardos ❤️


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Emily and Tyler said...


Very Flexible, Super Professional and Understanding!                       

My husband and I decided to get married last minute and father Mike was very flexible! My dates changed at least twice along with locations, and the ceremony started late due to hair/photographer showing up late and Fr. Mike was super professional and understanding through the whole process!


Would definitely recommend him to everyone! I was very nervous about hiring someone I’ve never met in person, but he went above and beyond to make me comfortable.  Thank you very much Fr Mike!

❤️ The Sandvigs


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Caitlin and Umit said...


         Father Mike is the Greatest!!!

We decided to move forward with Father Mike for our wedding in April. Father Mike was amazing to work with and so kind. He reassured me throughout the planning process and answered my many questions kindly and quickly.


Father Mike did a fantastic job on our wedding day, even with it raining on us! He kept his cool and made everyone feel at ease. I can not recommend him enough. Father Mike is a genuine and kind soul who loves love and makes your day just feel that much more special.


If you are considering him, please give him a call. He is definitely one to book!
God bless you,❤


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Gay said...


   Father Mike is an Amazing Priest!!

Father Mike is a blessing to this mother of the bride. He stayed in contact with the bride and groom through FaceTime helping them plan the ceremony and making them feel as if he had known them all their lives.


During the ceremony he made all the guest feel welcome while also making it so very personal to the couple. I can’t say enough good about this priest and we were so very fortunate to have found him.


He will always be in our prayers and look forward to meeting up with him again.


Dear Father Mike;

It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person and I want to thank you so much for making Cameron and Walker’s wedding so special and personal.
It was as if you had known them their whole life.

(Also we had several guest who said they would become Catholic if they had you as a priest  )

Please know that we will keep you in our prayers as you bring joy to so many more couples.
May health and happiness be with you for many many more years to come.

From the bottom of my heart thank you❤❤



Site:  Kerrville,   Texas


           A Catholic Wedding -

            Beyond Wonderful!


Taylor said...

Truly the lovely service Father Mike performed and the overall value he brought to our wedding is beyond words. 

It’s no surprise he gets amazing reviews, he did such an amazing job at our wedding and I’m so blessed that we chose him to be apart of the ceremony. Everyone loved the service! We were all so happy and extremely blessed to have been able to have him at our wedding, truly I can’t thank him enough for his kind words and beautiful service. 

Sincerely we couldn’t have asked for a better service; he was a wonderful addition to our wedding!

Catholic Wedding

Site:  The Dominion, San Antonio, Texas  


Sophia and Daniel said...


     Catholic Marriage Blessing!!!

My wedding took place Dec 05, 2020 in San Antonio TX. After 14 years my husband finally were able to get married with the blessing of the Catholic church and that is thanks to Fr Mike.


This year alone has been extremely stressful and being we live out of state and getting married in San Antonio TX we knew that taking flights throughout the year would be hard and unfortunately some churches were asking for us to fly in since we weren’t members of the church but that really wasn’t an option.


I was worried I might not be able to get married with the blessing of the church until we found Fr Mike and read everything he has to offer by him going to you to marry you.


From day one he was great and once we agreed to have him marry us he stayed on top of everything up until the wedding day. I highly recommend him and had a few guest ask how I was able to find him because he did such an amazing job. I assure you he will not disappoint he was great!


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Nicole and Ricardo said...


             We are Thrilled

   to have our Catholic Ceremony !!!

He'll be there for you, pandemic, postponement, etc.

We can't express how thankful we are to have met and worked with Father Mike. Out of all our vendors, from 2020 t 2021 he is one of two who didn't quite, give our job to a college's company, or shut down without notice.


From the first time we met he was kind to me, and was open to our different religious backgrounds. One thing that my family is still talking about is how special our wedding ceremony was because he listened to our requests and let us involve our family a lot.


Father Mike -  Thank you so so much! Our families both talked about how wonderful the ceremony was thanks to you! We are thrilled to be married. Thank you for everything❤


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Rosalinda  Said....

Quinceanera Blessing:

Professional and Family Oriented!

Thank you Fr. Mike for performing blessings over both of my daughter's Sweet Sixteen celebrations (2 different occasions). The service was excellent! He always takes his time to meet with the family beforehand to know exactly what you want. Given the opportunity again in the future, I would hire him once more!

Thank you so much for making my daughter's day more than just a party, but a celebration of her faith and love of family and friends.  We appreciate you keeping our family in your prayers.  We will do the same for you, Father Mike. "

Quinceanera Blessing

Site:  Red Oak Ballroom, San Antonio, Texas   78216


Elizabeth said...


         Always a Prayer for You !!!


Than You for everything Father.  I will always have a prayer for you and always have one for Martha and I ️❤


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Betty Said....


     Quinceanera Blessing -  Beautiful!!

"Thank you Fr Mike, you did a beautiful blessing for my daughter. We had so many family members and friends that complimented the service.
Thank you for your prayers.
I will keep you in our prayers.

Many blessings,!


Quinceanera Blessing 

Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Betty Said....


  Quinceanera Blessing - Very Impressed!!

"Father Mike: My family and I were very impressed with service. I had many request for your information. Thank you so much Gabriela appreciated so much your special blessing!


Quinceanera Blessing 

Site:  La Bona Vida Event Center San Antonio, Texas  78217


Ledyi said...

    Private Catholic Baptism:

   Very Appreciative !!

"Thank you again Father for your help and blessings.  We feel honored that you would help us in this way. There is a sense of peace in our family knowing that our little ones received this sacrament. 

You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as well. 💕


Private Catholic  Baptism Performed

Site: San Antonio,  Texas  


Camila said...

 Catholic Baptism:  Extremely Happy !!!

Extremely happy with Father Mike

He was amazing. Blessed our house and my daugthers baptism with beautiful prayers. Thank you so much!

Private Catholic Baptism

Site:  Austin,  Texas


Karina said...

                Catholic Baptism: 

    Extremely Blessed and Grateful !!!

Good morning Father!!

Thank you SO much for your prayers and for the beautiful baptism. We feel so blessed and grateful to have met you - our family had nothing but kind and positive things to say! 🥰

I hope you were able to make it to your family function in time, and enjoyed yourself!!

We will keep you in our prayers as well  Have a lovely day!

Private Catholic Baptism

Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Tina and Steven said...


   A Wedding Blessing that will be Cherished Forever!!!

We had to cancel our wedding blessing with Fr. Mike twice in 2020 because of the COVID pandemic. Then one beautiful sunny day in April, we had the opportunity to go to San Antonio and I figured I would reach out to Fr. Mike and try to arrange something on a whim.


Fr. Mike responded within 15-20 minutes and we planned a blessing ceremony at the Alamo three days later. It could not have gone any better and we could not be any happier with the blessing Fr. Mike performed.


Fr. Mike was even kind enough to give our granddaughter and 2 little dogs a blessing of their own.


Thank you again from the McEwan family. God bless you Fr. Mike.❤❤


Melissa said...

            Beautiful Memorial Mass!!

"Hi Father Mike,

It is I who should be thanking you.  My family could not stop talking about how special you made our celebration.  You are such a special and anointed man of God.  It was a pleasure meeting you.

I came home and told my husband what an extraordinary experience it was.  We are going to speak to our daughters about getting our grandsons baptized as it has been weighing on our hearts.

You will be in our prayers.

Again, thank you for such a special celebratory mass.

Memorial Mass performed

San Antonio, Texas 


Monica said...


 Graveside Service: Greatly Appreciated!!

Thank you Father Mike for your payers and services.  We greatly appreciated you being able to do this for our family and give our family member  a proper blessing for her final resting place.

Graveside Service

Site:  San Fernando Cemetery  #2 , San Antonio,  Texas  


Samantha and Jayden said...


 Our Personal Message and Prayer to Fr Mike

This is our message, Father Mike.:


Thank you Father Mike for everything!!!

Thank you for the help and putting up with our delay. Also, thank you for a beautiful ceremony and your kind words.

Our prayer to you:


May God continue to bless you with good health and strength so you can continue tending to His flock.

God bless you,❤


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Paru and Wesley said...


         Father Mike is Wonderful!!

What a beautiful blessing to have had Father Mike as our officiant for our multicultural wedding. He was able to beautifully tie the Catholic sentiments into the personal touches to beautifully mend our ceremony following the Hindu ceremony.


t was so important to our parents to have a Catholic priest and to find one that was willing to marry us outside the church and following a hindu ceremony to please both sides of the family was beautiful and progressive!

It was also so nice to have Fr Mike work with us and be adaptable to the weird times during the pandemic as to be available over text and FaceTime whenever we needed! 10/10 !!

God bless you,❤


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Kayla and Blake said...

                            Made it Magical!!!

Father Mike is incredible!!! Would give more stars if I could. Accommodating, responsive, and great at what he does. He can do many different types of weddings, and was able to maintain traditional catholic values beautifully and make our ceremony magical. People at our wedding are already asking for his name to use at their wedding one day!💕

Catholic Wedding Performed

Site:  Hayes Hollow at Hidden Falls, Spring Branch, Texas  78070


Karla and Robert said...


The Ceremony was so Beautiful and Amazing !!!


Father Mike is Amazing!

Fr. Mike was easy to contact from the start and always replied very quickly whether it was by text or email. He sends a lot of great templates for you to choose from to make your ceremony special and makes sure to include any of your wishes. We were very happy with Father Mike and our beautiful ceremony!


Father Mike,
Thank you so much for everything. We are so happy with the way everything turned out, our ceremony was so beautiful! Thank you for all your help and support along the way and for always keeping us in your prayers. We will definitely pray for your special intentions.
Karla and Robert❤❤


Site:  San Antonio,   Texas


D'Nyra said...


       The Best and Amazing!

The best , he came right before what was going to start to be bad weather


AMAZING!!!!We enjoyed having Father Mike not only once but 2 times, and we even look to having him again the future❤

Thank you so much for Baptizing our two boys!!

Private Catholic Baptism

Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Victoria and Miguel said...


             The Best Priest!!!

Best Priest!

Since day one, Father Mike has always been so response and professional regard my wedding. He would check on us and keep us updated on our ceremony would go.

The rehearsal was much needed and put an ease on our minds for our big day. The ceremony was perfect and we are happy we chose Father Mike to be apart of our special day!

Dear Father Mike,

Thank you so much for attending and celebrating our love, we are blessed to have you there. Everything was amazing

We will keep you in our prayers!


Site:  Spring Branch, Texas  


Allyson and Joey said...



Good Morning Father.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect person to marry us.  We are so grateful to have met you and you will always be in our prayers.  Please stay happy and healthy! 

We will always keep you in mind for next weddings because EVERYONE LOVED OUR CEREMONY!  Thank you so so much for everything!!!  ❤


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Chelssie and Justin said...


    Our Ceremony Brought Tears!!!

Father Mike is wonderful!


He works with you to make the ceremony what you envision and puts a very personal touch to it all. Our ceremony brought tears to our guests eyes and everyone continued to comment on how beautiful our ceremony was. Fr. Mike keeps consistent communication throughout the process and even after the wedding to ensure your ceremony goes off without a hitch. You can tell he genuinely cares and is a wonderful person to work with!!!! 


Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Bianca and Carlos said...


               Wonderful and

               Detail Oriented!!

It was such a blessing to have Father Mike officiate our wedding. He was able to tailor our ceremony to meet all of our needs and even included a blessing for our daughter.


We couldn’t be happier and I had many guests compliment how beautiful the ceremony was . 

Thank you so much, Father Mike!


Site:  San Antonio, Texas  


Lanika and John said...

            Unforgettable Ceremony!!!


"My bride and I are of mixed religious backgrounds and ethennicities. Father Mike was able to bridge those backgrounds seamlessly to deliver a ceremony that was unforgettable for the both of us. He was always accessible, either by text, email or phone; and spoke with us a number of times before the wedding to make sure that he understood what we were asking, and even more importantly that we understood the commitment we were undertaking. 

He made recommendations for the scripture readings and walked us through the full ceremony prior to the wedding. During the wedding itself, his reflection on the scripture reading was incredibly poignant and resonated with us and our families. During the reception, our guests repeatedly stated how wonderful the ceremony was. "

We would recommend Father Mike to anyone and everyone.


"Thank you very much Father Mike. You really helped make yesterday really special for us. The ceremony was so incredibly memorable. 

We will keep you in our prayers always. We will always remember your blessings and what you’ve done for us."💕

Wedding Performed on

Site:  Lost Mission Wedding and Events, Spring Branch, Texas


Art said...


             Private Catholic Baptisms

Thank you Fr Mike for your prayers and for the Catholic Baptism of our Grandaughter and GrandSon  ! And we will always pray for you. The clergy is one of my prayer intentions everyday.

Private Catholic Baptisms

Site:  San Antonio, Texas


Susan said...

    Memorial Mass: 

           Kindness and Comfort!!

Thank you Father Mike. You will be in our prayers and we are so grateful that you said the Mass for our loved ones.


The attendees complimented you and they felt comforted by your kindness and welcoming energy.

'All our best wishes to you.

Memorial Mass  Service

Site:  San Antonio,  Texas  


Marisol said...


       Very Special Wedding!!!

Father Mike is the sweetest man I have ever met! 

He made my wedding day so very special!


Site:  San Antonio, Texas  


Sandra said...


    Thank you for coming into our  Lives!!!

Fr Mike, thank you so much for the beautiful Baptismal ceremony.  We are all blessed that you came into our lives.    Thank you again!!!

Private Catholic Baptism

Site:  Floresville, Texas  


         A Big Thank you!!!

Fr Mike,

Levi and I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for taking the time and the risk of performing our small ceremony. We know these are uncertain times, and we so appreciate you joining us together on our wedding day.

What you did for us, officiating the marriage of a gay couple with the rights of the Catholic church, would have been monumental under the most ideal of circumstances. As a young gay man, I felt such sadness as I certainly never thought this would be possible for me. The fact that you also found it in your heart to perform the ceremony in the midst of a global health crisis is beyond words, and we are so grateful.

Thank you for celebrating love in all forms, especially in the time of COVID. I know that our family will never forget your kindness, and that God’s love shines through men like yourself. We feel so lucky to have found you.

With love and many thanks,
Jimmy & Levi



Site:  The Southwest School of Art San Antonio, Texas  


Julia and Emily said...

         Fr Mike Is So Awesome!!

Fr Mike was so patient with us as February was an extremely busy month for us. He listened to our ever need and then delivered flawlessly! He drove an hour (or more) for our evening ceremony, in the pouring rain, out in the country & basically made it happen in less than an hour!

He kept in touch a few times a week prior to the wedding to ensure everything was going well, gave perfect descriptions of his plans, was very thorough and detailed in each vow ceremony to choose from. He was very kind, considerate, understanding, and is super compassionate.

His deliverance was impeccable and vows were beautiful! We loved him! We would absolutely, without a doubt, recommend him for your ceremony...100%!


Wedding Performed in Lavernia, Texas


Sarah said..

      Father Mike is Amazing!


We can't thank Father Mike enough! I really wanted to have a religious ceremony but since we didn't get married in a church, we found it difficult to find someone. Until we came across Father Mike! He was extremely responsive from the moment we contacted him. We knew right after the first meeting that he was the perfect officiant for us! He guided us through the catholic ceremony and listened to and respected all of our wishes and changes, and was always following up to make sure he was prepared. Our ceremony was absolutely perfect, and went off without a hitch. He was the perfect amount of serious, warm, funny, and we loved how his homily tied in with the readings we chose. We couldn't be more thankful to Father Mike. We would highly recommend!!

San Antonio, Texas  


Andrea and Edwin said...

      Very Much Appreciated!!!

"Thank you Father Michael.  We just arrived back from our honeymoon yesterday afternoon.  It was a wonderful time, although we changed our plans a bit to travel to New Zealand for 9 days to avoid the fires along the Australia coast.  We'd never been to New Zealand, which is breathtakingly beautiful, so it was an unexpected treat for us.


We very much appreciated and enjoyed your celebration of our marriage.  We especially liked that you inserted some personal commentary on what you'd gleaned - correctly! - about our different personalities, and I'm glad that we could include members of both of our families in the readings and the signings of the marriage documents.  Thank you for walking us through the ceremony at the rehearsal the day before, although I'm afraid my dad forgot his part in handing me over on the actual day.  I don't think anyone but Ed and I noticed though, so it wasn't a problem.  


We appreciate your continued prayers and support of our union, and are grateful that we chose you to help us celebrate our wedding.


Sincerely and with many thanks,💕

Catholic Wedding

Site:  Southwest School of Art, San Antonio, Texas  782905





















               Catholic and Christian     



Roman Catholic Home Mass

images (1).jpg
IMG_6526 (1).jpeg
IMG_6526 (1).jpeg
Wendee Wedding.jpg
Baptism .jpg
Fr Mike Holy Eucharist Pic.jpg

Catholic Baptisms




I am Reverend A. Michael Mayhan,  "Father Mike",  from A Wedding Priest on Call. 


I am based in San Antonio, Texas. I am a fully ordained married Catholic priest who was ordained 44 years ago. Within those years, I requested and was granted laicization to marry. I have a loving wife and three grown daughters.


I believe that the door to salvation is always open. My mission is to be fully devoted to Jesus Christ by reaching to those who seek truth and meaning in their lives.


My mission is to go out to those who are disenfranchised from the church, or for one reason or another, have left the church altogether and to those who are unchurched but seek a spiritual blessing on their lives.  


My mission is to offer the power of the Holy Sacraments conferred on me through the sacrament of Holy Orders.


I open the door to listen and be compassionate as we walk together in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.


Along with this special ministry, I am also available to celebrate uplifting and joyous services for any couple respecting their desire for either a Christian or non-Christian celebration.  In my 38 years of priestly ministry, I have celebrated many kinds of religious events, weddings, baptisms, funerals and anniversaries, and I have a very good understanding of the need to project a professional and caring attitude toward the bride, groom and their guests.


Therefore, for those wishing a religious ceremony,  I will gladly perform:


 Catholic, Christian, Non Denominational, Traditional, Non Traditional Weddings, Semi Relgious, Same Sex ,Vow Renewals, Quinceaneras,  Private Catholic Baptisms  and Home Mass at your choice of location.

A Catholic Wedding Ceremony can be a beautiful experience. Some couples wish to have their ceremonies outside of the Catholic Church grounds in a hall, park or even on the beach.   In most cases, the Priests from their parish will not be able to do this.  Some couples are interfaith or have been divorced or never confirmed, so they may not be able to get married by the Catholic Church due to Church law.

Because of my background in the Catholic Church and being a Catholic Priest, I have a special understanding of the needs of those who are unable to solemnize their vows formally in the church because of a previous marriage situation, or who might desire to celebrate their vows in a special location or place not approved by the church. 


If you are divorced or marrying someone who is, or if you no longer attend Church but still identify yourself as Catholic, I can help. I will conduct weddings based in all the major Christian traditions as well as non-religious and civil ceremonies.


I am open to any type of service which reflects your personal desires and traditions. It will be important for us to meet together before the service to plan your celebration, and to make sure that I am aware of any special needs or desires you might have.


Sometimes more than one meeting is necessary, and I am more than happy to meet as many times as you think necessary.

With over many years of pastoral experience, I have helped countless couples plan and celebrate meaningful and inclusive services.  Because of my background in the Catholic Church, I have a special understanding of the needs of those who are unable to solemnize their vows formally in the church because of a previous marriage situation, or who might desire to celebrate their vows in a special location or place not approved by the church. 

Like all of my weddings, your wedding will be a top priority in making it meaningful and spiritual for both of you, your family and guests!  


VIP: In booking me, you are not just booking another "online officiant", but one who is a Catholic priest with many years of doing wedding ceremonies and pastoral ministry  with consistent excellent reviews!!  


Your day will only happen once in your lifetime, you need someone to make sure the memory of this event is everlasting and joyful!


I am licensed in Texas and every state to authorize your marriage and perform and customize the ceremony of your wishes!


                                               I am more than happy to speak with you about your options

                                               in this  area,  and to provide services which will reflect the

                                               traditions and customs in which you were raised. 


If you like a ceremony in Spanish and English,   We can also have a bilingual ceremony  



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                                          Samples of English, or Bilingual  Ceremonies:


                                                   Leave a message if not immediately available, will get back to you ASAP!


                               VIP: All my ceremonies do not go over 30 minutes!

Over the past  years I have celebrated hundreds of weddings, and I have a very good understanding of the need to project a professional and caring attitude toward the bride, the groom and their guests. 

My services include the ceremony, unlimited consultations via in-person, FaceTime, Zoom,  email or text, and


assistance with vow preparations. I can also help the couple incorporate various ceremonial rituals: unity sand, unity candle, hand fasting, lazzo and coins, unity canvas painting, wine box, unity cross, broom jumping, ring warming,


love letter, wine sharing , rose ceremony and many more!  

      Free to You:    Sample Vow Ceremonies


If you like to receive Sample Vow Ceremonies

to see how the ceremony flows and also give you some ideas

on creating a beautiful ceremony plus receive 

more information  about my services at

No Obligation to you then Text or Call me at anytime at:


                                                           1- 210-452-7627 

                               I  will personally respond to every text received!



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I look forward to speaking with you about the ways I can help you make your day very Meaningful and very Special!!!


                                                          VIP: I never refuse anyone a Sacramental blessing

                                                for your marriage due to pricing.  I will work with your budget!

                                                        (You cannot put a price on the Holy Sacraments!)






                                          Your Time, Your Place, Your Wedding!!




For couples who are Catholic (Bride, Groom or Both):  The ceremony I celebrate with you does not fulfill the requirements of the Catholic Church for a Valid Sacramental marriage.  The Roman Catholic Church will recognize your marriage as civilly legal and valid (you are married)!   The only way you can have a valid Roman Catholic marriage is to have your ceremony in the Roman Catholic Church fulfilling all their requirements. 


As an ordained Catholic priest, I will Bless Your Marriage, and I will complete and sign the County license at the conclusion of the service, since I am licensed in every state to authorize your marriage.  Plus give you a beautiful Certificate signed by me as an ordained Catholic priest that the ceremony was according to the Roman Catholic RiteThe International Council of Community Churches and all other Christian denominations will recognize your marriage.

Later on, you may or may not want to get your marriage CONVALIDATED by your diocese. Click the FAQ button for more information.

Many of the marriages I witness are between couples where one or both parties have been married before in the Catholic Church and while divorced, they haven’t secured an annulment.



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            Why not a Catholic Wedding Outdoors?
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The County Marriage License

The Catholic Marriage Certificate

      Video of a Wedding Ceremony
            Celebrated by Fr Mike